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Golden Grass Line and Disk Earrings

Golden Grass Line and Disk Earrings

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A delicate natural fiber disk dangles from a crisp gold rod, in a stunning juxtaposition of texture and materials. The meticulously woven charm is made from from Capim Dourado, or Golden Grass. True to its name, the fine grass has a golden sheen that truly looks like a fine metal and is similarly rare, growing only in the remote northeastern Jalapão region of Tocatins, Brazil.


.75" wide x 2" long

Handwoven Golden Grass disk with gold fill rod and post


Handmade in Tocantins, Brazil

Golden Grass and Buriti Straw detail


This is special because...

Since its discovery by runaway slaves from the northeastern state of Bahia more than a century ago, Golden Grass grass - now on the verge of extinction -  has been utilized to make all manner of utilitarian and ornamental goods. In recent years, to protect the species and the tiny communities whose livelihood depend on it, stringent regulations have been enacted, permitting only a very narrow, sustainable harvest season.