Etikoppaka Ornament - Reindeer
Etikoppaka Ornament - Reindeer

Etikoppaka Ornament - Reindeer

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On the banks of the river Varaha in the Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, sits a small village called Etikoppaka long celebrated for their lacquerware toy tradition. The toys are made out of wood and are colored with natural dyes derived from seeds, lacquer, bark, roots and leaves. 

This heirloom-quality ornament is a stunning example of the craft. We are so delighted to have been introduced to this region and its artisans by our friends at Backstitch Creations, two Brookline-based sisters who have partnered with their parents in Southern India to import exquisite goods from their homeland. 


2.75" long

gift packaged in a sustainable, handmade palm leaf basket 

handmade in India