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Blue + White Ikat Disk Pillow
Blue + White Ikat Disk Pillow

Blue + White Ikat Disk Pillow

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This ikat cushion covers is created using hand-loomed fabric sourced from Pochampally, a village in the South Indian state of Telanga. Ikats from this region stand out from the rest due their texture -- smoother and lighter than most. Ikat utilizes a resist dyeing technique of tying and dyeing sections of bundled yarn prior to weaving. The patterns created on the yarn by this process are then woven into the textile. Long story short, what seems like a design motif printed on fabric is actually the result of a complex weaving style of specially dyed threads developing into a pattern as the weaver weaves along. 

Even shorter story, the resultant pillows are gorgeous!


100% handwoven cotton cover with center zip closure; poly-fill insert 

20" x 20"

made in Pochampally, India