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Cone Earrings

Cone Earrings

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Brass and sustainably harvested cow horn and bone complement each other beautifully in these stylish earrings.

The white material of these baubles are sustainably harvested bone, while the darker material come from horn. Transforming bone and horn into objects of use is a time-honored African tradition. The raw material comes from Ankole cows, native to Uganda and raised for food. The horn, which can weigh 1600 pounds and span 8', is boiled until malleable and shaped into handsome wares like this one.

Handmade in Kenya by Angela Stephens of That Missing Piece, a jewelry project in partnership with Anganza Community Project in Kibera Slum in Nairobi that trains jewelry-making skills and provides income generation for disadvantaged women.

Solid, nickel-free brass and bone or horn

2.5” long

Made in Kenya