Chennai Chicory Coffee
Chennai Chicory Coffee
Chennai Chicory Coffee
Chennai Chicory Coffee

Chennai Chicory Coffee

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A typical day in Chennai does not go by without the words ‘oru kaapi podu’ (which loosely translates to ‘make a cup of coffee for me, will you?’) being said by someone in every house or restaurant. It simply does not count as a full day if one does not have a cup of coffee, or as they say in Chennai, kaapi.

The tradition is rich and multi-phased, including a two-tiered filter to steep the coffee and a brass tumbler-dawara, used to mix the brew with sweetened milk, which is claimed to be the most ideal way to enjoy a delicious cup of filter coffee. And of course, it all starts with a high-quality, precisely ground coffee beans.

For your drinking pleasure, we've sourced aromas of Coorg Coffee Co.'s Chennai Tradition, a carefully crafted mélange of 100% Arabica, Washed Arabica, Sun-dried Arabica cherries and Chicory.

It is roasted with care until it attains a medium dark brown color and a mild caramelization. Its alluring aromas and slight bitterness classifies it as a true South Indian Coffee.


.5 lb bag

hand picked and craft roasted 

sourced directly from coffee planters in Coorg & Chikmagalur to promote eco-friendly growing practices and improve the quality of life for farming communities