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11" Enamel Comal

11" Enamel Comal

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A comal is a round, flat griddle with a smooth cooking surface and shallow edge that's traditionally made from clay. We prefer using an enamel steel one  to char and toast spices and chiles, cook tortillas, sear meat, heat quesadillas, and more!

Safe for cooking and consumption. Free of lead and heavy metals. Dishwasher safe
Not suitable for microwave.

Size: 11" 

Made in Mexico for Utilitario Mexicano.

Utilitario Mexicano is dedicated to searching, choosing and selecting Mexican objects: how many there are, who makes them, what are their middle and small traders. A tireless work of street curators devoted to dust off artifacts from yesteryear and forever. Utilitario Mexicano has over 1,500 singular objects , each with its uses and history, chosen for some particular reason, whose common feature is its usefulness. Products that were not made to be forgotten or to be replaced soon, but were made with the firm purpose of lasting.