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Fink Fatware Cutting Board
F!NK + Co. FatWare Cutting Board + Knives

F!NK + Co. FatWare Cutting Board + Knives

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FatWare was born out of another F!NK collaboration and extends Oliver Smith’s reputation for sublime cutlery design through working with Robert Foster and his innovative manufacturing processes. Wishing to literally grasp the act of cutting, FatWare embodies Smith’s fascination with ancient stone tools. Such tools integrate both handle and cutting edge, and FatWare boldly embraces the elegance of this stone-age reference.

This piece consists of two occasional table knives that fit firmly and reassuringly in the hand. The first functions as a parmesan shaver or for hard cheeses, the second as a pate spreader or for soft cheeses. Both are pressed from solid aluminum and are hard anodized to ensure durability and longevity. The knives come in a striking obsidian black finish and team with a food-grade cutting-board.


Set of 2 knives and 1 cutting-board

Cutting-board is manufactured from hard-anodized aluminum covered in high-density polyethylene

11.8" x 9.8"

Hand wash only - not dishwasher safe

Made in Australia