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F!NK + CO. Coolamon Spine Platter
F!NK + CO. Coolamon Spine Platter

F!NK + CO. Coolamon Spine Platter

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The muse for Robert Foster’s newest creation is the Indigenous Australian Coolamon – a traditional vessel used by Aboriginal women to carry water, native plants and food, and to cradle their babies. It has been interpreted with a thoroughly modern twist in anodized aluminum and executed with trademark F!NK ingenuity.

Each simple, natural form is individually created using high pressure water to produce a smooth sensual piece, and the object is pressed to make the pattern and texture on the surface. Foster drew inspiration from aboriginal dot painting, evoking a spine-like appearance and animal tracks along the belly of the vessel. The spirited design stands alone as a striking object, while its functionality makes it a gorgeous solution for modern living  as a bread basket, fruit tray or general serving piece.

Anodized Aluminum

10" x 14" x 2"

Hand wash only - not dishwasher safe

Made in Australia