F!NK + CO. Water Jug - Purple
F!NK + CO. Water Jug - Purple

F!NK + CO. Water Jug - Purple

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The F!NK Water Jug is the defining product of the brand, created by founder and head designer, Robert Foster. Initially designed as a limited run vessel for the opening of an elegant restaurant in Canberra in 1993, the early prototype was refined and its manufacturing streamlined, allowing the potential of the Jug as the quintessential F!NK piece to be realized. To this day remains its signature piece and it enjoys popularity in some of the finest restaurants in the world, elevating its profile and confirming its robust utility. A striking object in its own right with pert fluid lines mimicking its purpose, the iconic Water Jug fullfills F!NK’s aim to establish utilitarian objects of pure pleasure.

Quite simply, nothing else looks like or pours like a F!NK Water Jug. Whilst the fluid form of the jug is an obvious reference to the liquid contained within, the shape is actually the result of Foster's search for the perfect pour. Unlike the vast majority of jugs and carafes the Fink water jug doesn't go glug, glug, glug and it doesn't drip.

Robert Foster's Fink water jug is an Australian design classic and perhaps the most recognizable design object to come out of the country. The company's first product remains its flagship.


11.8" x 7" x 3.9"

Capacity: 1.45 litres

Anodized aluminum with cast steel handle

Hand wash only - not dishwasher safe

Made in Australia