Khadi Tea Towel - Set of 2
Khadi Tea Towel - Set of 2

Khadi Tea Towel - Set of 2

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Mahatma Gandhi began promoting the spinning of khadi cloth for rural self-employment and self-reliance (instead of using cloth manufactured industrially in Britain) in the 1920s in India, thus making khadi an integral part and an icon of the Swadeshi movement. Ghandi spun cloth himself, and insisted that members of the Indian National Congress also spin cotton and pay their dues in yarn. In fact, he made the chakri (spinning wheel) the symbol of the Nationalist movement. Throughout India today, there are still many government operated khadi collectives, and they are among our favorite shopping experiences in India.


Set of 1 grey and 1 mustard towel

100% woven cotton

17" wide x 26" long

Made in India