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Horn Spreading Knife

Horn Spreading Knife

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Spread butter, cheese or pates with these elegant knives. Each is uniquely colored and shaped spreader is handmade from up-cycled Ankole cow horns, indigenous to Uganda and raised for food. The horn of a mature Ankole can weigh between 900-1600 pounds and span 8 feet!

Transforming horn into objects of use is an age-old African tradition and begins with a hollowed horn shell, carefully selected and cut to the needed size. The material is then boiled until malleable, allowing it to be flattened, molded or bent into shape. Once cooled and solidified, the creation is cleaned, bleached and sanded up to five times to attain a smooth finish. Finally, it is polished and waxed to bring out unique colorations and striations*.


6" long

handmade in Uganda

*Horn is a natural material and varies greatly in color and pattern. Please note your color preference at checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.